Bill Miles – Ironman Competitor

With Karen’s help I have just completed my first Iron distance Triathlon at the 2017 Kellogs Nutrigrain Taupo Ironman. Two years ago the idea of swimming 3.8km’s wasn’t just daunting, it was an absolute no-go. Now I look forward to the swim leg more than any of the other disciplines, and that’s all down to Karen. Her advice on technique and how to approach to event was instrumental in me completing the Ironman. Thanks Karen. 

The O’Brien Family

My kids started swimming lessons as toddlers with Karen and now love and compete in Ocean swimming. They still look forward to swimming training with Karen as teenagers today. We are very fortunate to have such a talented and enthusiastic coach. Thank you Karen

Tim Robinson – aged 40 Cook Strait Marathon Swimmer

Taking on the Cook Strait was a like having a huge mountain looming over me. Karen provided me with the steps to overcome that mountain. On the day of the swim I was physically, technically and mentally well prepared, this was all due to Karen’s expert guidance and coaching, I couldn’t have done it without her.

Rolien Goldsack, Mother of special needs swimmer

My son started swimming with Karen 15 years ago, and she is one of the best swimming coaches I know. She is exceptionally great in working with special needs children/adults, they all just love her. And she has a great understanding of their needs and abilities and knows just how to push them to go a little bit further when they can. I would recommend her highly.

Di Liebert

In my sixtieth year I gave myself a challenge to learn how to swim. I booked lessons with professional swim coach Karen Markin (“Swim Markin”). Karen has an amazing skill at teaching all ages and abilities, in the pool or in the ocean. Your professionalism, passion, patience, continual encouragement, your ability to impart technique is second to none and has made the learning to swim an outstanding life time experience for myself and many others. Thank you, Karen for the opportunity to achieve something beyond my wildest dream.


I have trained with Karen for 4 years and am continually improving. The ocean swimming sessions have been particularly invaluable for both races and training.  Learning how to sight, draft, swim in groups at start of a race and around buoys, observe the currents and wind.

The pool lessons which are covered in detail by video analysis, have greatly improved my technique. Weekly squad sessions are not only a good workout, but you also receive feedback from Karen on your stroke plus it is great fun. Karen is inspirational, her knowledge is vast and her enthusiasm for the sport is impressive!

Lesley Lucas (back injury)

After being a very active person; it has been hard to adjust to requiring rehabilitation rather than training!.

Karen is an awesome teacher and coach, helping you to come to terms with the adjustments of what your body can and cannot do and to teach you to understand your bodies limitations.  What Karen has shown me I can do in the water that I haven’t been able to do on land is fantastic. 

We have only been working together for a short time and under her guidance I have progressed from just walking in the pool to being able to swim a couple of lengths and give my body pain relief while still doing exercise.

I would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for help with rehabilitation.